What is MyCentre?

The MyCentre initiative is a project aimed at developing purchased land, and building a multipurpose centre, with an emphasis on Islamic youth. MyCentre will provide social, educational spiritual and recreational services for all involved.

Construction Update

Construction for MyCentre began in March 2013. The table below provides a status update of construction activities. IISNA is dedicated to keeping the community up to date regarding progress given the overwhelming support and faith they have shown in the project since it's inception.

TaskStatusCost / Effort
Underground Drainage / PlumbingCOMPLETE$15K
Concrete Foundation Footing Strips COMPLETE $130K
Concrete Wall Panels COMPLETE $291K
Structural Steel Roof Framing STARTED $180K
Underground Services (Power, Gas, Fire, Water) May-June
Concrete Slab May-June $200K, 3w
Roofing, Metal Roof Decking May-June $135K, 3w
Carpentry (Walls, Cladding etc) 3 weeks
Utilities (Electrical, Plumbing, A/C, Heating etc) 2 weeks
Fit Out (Plaster, Windows, Ceilings, Fittings) 2 weeks
Sports Equipment / Flooring 4 weeks
Car Park / Landscaping
Given the magnitude and complexity of the project, the above information is a guide only and may be subject to change based on many factors and any unforeseen issues.

What will Phase 1 Provide?

MyCentre Phase 1 will provide the following:
  • Multipurpose courts two courts offering indoor soccer, basketball, netball, volleyball and tennis (total of approx 1,470m2)
  • Large canteen/kiosk
  • IISNA offices
  • Prayer area including Friday Jumuah prayers
  • Hosting major lectures, e.g. international speakers (as opposed to needing to rent external conference theatres)
  • Dedicated male toilets / wudhoo area (approx 73m2)
  • Dedicated female toilets / wudhoo area (approx 73m2)
  • Dedicated disabled toilets / wudhoo area
  • Dedicated on-site parking for 200 cars
  • Several multi-purpose rooms for classes, lectures, library, book shop, play areas, storage etc. totalling approx 260sqm
  • Stair access
Additional facilities may be provided in later phases subject to funding, detailed planning and prioritisation. Refer to the Proposed Layouts & Plans for more information.

Where & Why?

MyCentre is located on Kraft Court Broadmeadows, Victoria. The site is considered to be suitable for the proposed development as it is in close proximity to public transport, retail precents and public services and the activity centre in the area.

The areas surrounding MyCentre stand out as having high Muslim populations (about >20%) in their demographics as compared to other suburbs in Victoria (about 2%). And according to Census 2006 data, almost 50% of the Muslim population in Victoria is under the age of 25. As such, MyCentre's location is ideally placed to become involved in targeting the youth towards gaining beneficial education and support they may not be currently receiving.


Donation Details

Bank: Commonwealth Bank Australia
Account Name: Multicultural Youth Centre
BSB #: 063620 - Account #: 10595341
Swift Code: CTBAAU2S

Project Time Frame

Contracts of Sales Signed: 18/3/2010
Planning Permit Process: COMPLETED
Building Permit Process: COMPLETED
Construction Start: Friday 25 Jan 2013
Phase 1 Construction Complete: Late 2013 (subject to funding)